Acerca de TLE


To provide tailored freight transportation services to our customers in a personalized, reliable, and timely manner, developing our human capital and the constant modernization of our infrastructure, as well as our processes.


Lead the trucking service, achieving the potential of our growth, generating value to our staff and customers.

Strategic objectives

Our commitment will always be to continuously improve our regular and specialized freight forwarding services. Creating a safe environment that meets the requirements and standards of our customers.

We create a safe environment for all stakeholders by meeting the requirements and standards of our customers, leading us to achieve their satisfaction.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and attending their needs, consolidating our position as an agile and differentiated service provider.
  • Optimize the organization’s resources, materializing the renewal of the fleet.
  • Standardize agile and practical processes to achieve constant growth and development of the business.
  • Generate a safe work environment for our personnel and business partners.
  • Develop a sense of belonging on our human capital, to have committed and resilient work teams.

Our Values


Our service mindset and focus on generating added value for our clients are the guide of our daily activities.


The results of our individual activities allow us to surpass our clients’ expectations, ensuring our permanence in the market.


Loyalty, commitment and responsibility of our people are attributes that make our company a leader business line.


Create a safety environment for our personnel and our customers with our daily actions.


We focus on the future using our employes´ creativiy, allowing us to increase our competitive advantage.

Company´s pillars

Customizable service

Customizable service
We provide a service that adds value to our customers, based on a consistent delivery and solid support of the operational mindset.


Continuous training and awareness program, strengthen our corporate values, which are manifested in our daily routine.

Innovation and technology

Innovation and technology
Constant search for innovation in our processes seeking efficiency, collaboration, self-governance, and data analysis that lead the company’s strategy to become an organization with Industry 4.0 practices.

Social and environmental awareness

Social and environmental awareness
Accountability by including specific policies and programs to support our community and our planet.

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